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Call for Applications: The International Writing Program at the University of Lowa
June 27, 2023

The International Writing Program at the University of Iowa (IWP) invites applications from writers and/or undergraduate or graduate university student writers for a virtual exchange project on disability awareness and creative writing. This virtual project will be given in English. The project will run until December 2023, with different instructors each month, to allow for diverse approaches and diverse themes.

Participants should be 20-35 years. We encourage applications from persons who identify as disabled but want to stress that the project is open to those who do not identify as disabled but are interested in working with creative writing and its possibilities of increasing disabilities awareness. Interested writers should submit their writing-oriented CVs and a no more than 1000 words sample writing preferably and not strictly about a disability issue to NyathiB@state.gov by close of business on 30 June. For more information, download the full document here.