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The Women Journalist Mentoring Program- Fellows (WJMP-F) has since August 2013 supported 12 professional journalists as they seek to enhance their academic qualifications to meet the challenges of highly demanding newsrooms in a robust and dynamic media landscape. The project is a follow up to the highly successful Women Journalist Mentoring Program (WJMP) started in 2011 and saw 45 young female journalists increase their professional writing and leadership skills through mentoring and specialized training sessions over 12 months. WJMP- F continues to work with alumni of the WJMP through regular seminars and assignment based initiatives whilst supporting selected participants undergo undergraduate and postgraduate level studies at reputable colleges and universities in Zimbabwe. The increased understanding will enable participants to critically cover complex societal issues and developments as well as increase their ability to take up leadership positions in the media sectors.


The cohort includes: Chifamba Michelle (UZ) Chikwanha Thelma (UZ) Chirumanzu Grace (WUA) Kamputa Cecelia (UZ) Khuphe Cheryl (WUA) Mandizha Tairsai (UZ) Masiyiwa Gamuchirai (UZ) Moyo Thandeka (WUA) Muguwu Sharon (MSU) Muperi Wendy (UZ) Washaya-Moyo Caroline (UZ).

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Women Journalists Mentoring Program– Fellows · 4 students have so far completed studies at undergraduate (2) and graduate level. · Secondment of students to various regional and international exchange opportunities. · Regular meetings to discuss complex subjects such as parliamentary processes; promoting media literacy to increase audience engagement, investigative reporting and academic research sessions. Seven students are studying Political Science and Administration with the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Three are studying with Women’s University in Africa (WUA). Another is studying with Midlands State University for her Media and Society Degree (MSU).


Yolanda Ndlovu, Humanitarian Information Facilitation Center-