Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Section manages the American Embassy’s mediacultural and educational programs. Our mission is to “tell America’s story to the world” by sharing information, experiences and ideas.

Press inquiries to any section of the Embassy should be directed to the Media Specialist at the Public Affairs Section. Our head office in Washington produces a news summary, called the Washington File, every working day. This is received at our office and made available to members of the press and local government officials.

The Public Affairs Section administers a variety of educational exchange programs, including the Fulbright program. Although opportunities for scholarships are scarce, large numbers of students come to the U.S. each year to take advantage of our highly advanced and specialized educational programs. The Public Affairs Section’s education advisor provides valuable information to individuals who have their own or institutional means to study in the U.S., and need information on finding an appropriate university, applying for admission, and preparing for student life in America. This office also makes available the required examinations for entry into college and graduate programs.

As the world becomes more tightly interconnected, the English language becomes increasingly a global possession. Whether for tourism, business, or access to the latest research in many fields, English is essential. The Public Affairs Section invites English language teachers to inspect the list of EFL books produced by our head office in Washington. These books can be ordered at good prices.

In all of these areas, information is the essence. In keeping with the electronic information revolution, our old paper-copy libraries have been replaced by Information Centers (IRC). Although our IRC does still maintain a collection of books and periodicals, we rely increasingly on on-line or CD-ROM databases. Our librarians are trained to help you make use of these technologies, and are happy to respond to inquiries about our collection.