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ISSUANCE DATE:                                         September 6, 2019

CLOSING DATE:                                          September 20, 2019

CLOSING TIME:                                           12:00 Noon CAT

DEADLINE FOR QUESTIONS:                    September 13, 2019

CLOSING TIME FOR QUESTIONS:             12:00 Noon CAT

Subject:            Solicitation # 72061319R00010

Solicitation for Resident Hire U.S. Personal Service Contractor for an Interim Development Outreach and Communications Assistant (GS-6 or equivalent), USAID/Zimbabwe.


The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications from qualified U.S. citizens interested in providing Personal Services Contract (PSC) services as described in the attached solicitation.

Submittals shall be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified.  To be considered for the position, a candidate must meet all of the eligibility requirements listed under Minimum Qualifications in this solicitation. Completed application must be mailed to the submission address specified in the solicitation.  Consideration and selection will be based on a panel evaluation of the applications in accordance with the Selection Criteria in this solicitation.  Submissions instructions can be found under “Instructions to Applicants.” Submissions will be accepted electronically only.  Applicants should retain copies of all enclosures which accompany their applications for their records.

  • Completed and hand-signed federal form OF 309-2 (including OF 309-2 continuation sheets as needed). Incomplete or unsigned applications will NOT be considered.  The OF 309-2 can be downloaded from:  Applicants are required to sign the certification at the end of the OF 309-2.  Applications that are received without a signature will not be considered for the position. 

Any questions as well as submission of applications in response to this solicitation must be directed to: Jason E. Bennett, E-mail:

This solicitation does not represent a commitment on behalf of USAID.  The U.S. Government is not obligated to make an award or to pay for any costs associated with the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this solicitation. USAID reserves the right to award all or none of the contracts contemplated herein, subject to availability of funds.


J. Bennett
Supervisory Executive Officer

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