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Fulbright Program
March 28, 2020

The Fulbright program has been in existence in Zimbabwe since 1982 and approximately 80 Zimbabweans (click to view previous participants) have received Fulbright grants to pursue higher degrees or carry out research in the U.S.  The U.S. Embassy Public Section currently administers seven Fulbright programs.  Zimbabweans can participate in two years: grants to go to the U.S. for research, lecturing, studies or hosting American students/scholars. Detailed information about each program follows:

Opportunities for Zimbabwe Citizens:

  • Junior Staff Development Program.

Opportunity for junior faculty to pursue highest degree in their field and return to build Zimbabwe’s education institutions.  Candidates are funded for a maximum of two years and thereafter find an alternative sponsor Announcements for this program are made through university Registrars in March every year.

  • African Research Scholar Program.

Three-t-o-nine month post-doctoral research grant at a U.S. institution or three-to-five month grant intensive reading in the professional development category.  Announcements are made through Faculty heads in March.

  • Scholar-in-Residence Program.

U.S. institutions request foreign scholars to teach for one semester or one academic year.  Scholars are requested either by name or by field.  Institution requests and proposals are sent to targeted departments in February.

  • New Century Scholar (NCS) Program.

Prestigious new research program for prominent scholars and professionals to engage in multi-disciplinary, collaborative research of global significance.  Research activities are related to the NCS research theme for the year.  Announcement and research themes will be made in April of every year.

Opportunities to host U.S. lecturers and researchers:

  • Lecturer/Researcher Program.

Department are invited to apply if they wish to host a U.S. Fulbright lecturer.  Announcements are made in October and departments complete the “Request for Fulbright” forms.  U.S. faculty may stay for semester or one academic.

  • U.S. Student Research Program

Graduating university seniors in the U.S. apply to conduct research in their country of choice.

  • Fulbright Specialist Program

University departments may request an American scholar or professional for a two-to-six week period.  This is an opportunity for Zimbabweans collaborate with their U.S. counterparts on curriculum or faculty development projects, or to invite an American expert to be a resource person at a seminar or workshop.  The Embassy needs at least two months lead time to recruit a scholar for this program.