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Hours and Advice for American Citizens
March 29, 2020

As the Government of Zimbabwe has announced a 21-day lockdown that goes into effect at 12:02 AM on Monday, March 30, U.S. Embassy Harare has suspended routine consular services until further notice.  If you require an urgent appointment please email consularharare@state.gov during regular business hours, or call our Duty Officer at +263 772 559 727 for after hours emergencies.  Only bona fide emergency cases will be accepted.

·    Please check that all members of your family have valid passports.  If you have non-U.S. citizen family members, please ensure they have valid visas or LPR cards to enter the United States.  Email consularharare@state.gov if you have concerns or questions.  If your family member is a non-U.S. citizen, be sure to travel with your marriage or birth certificate to ensure entry to the United States.

Visit the DHS website for the latest restrictions on entry to the United States.  If your U.S. passport is expired and you need an emergency passport to travel, please contact consularharare@state.gov.

·    If you require an urgent notary service, such as to grant power of attorney to a parent traveling with minor children, please contact consularharare@state.gov.  Notarized consent is not required to enter the United States with a minor child but is recommended to cover such things as medical care, school enrollment, and other life activities.  Please prepare the document in advance, there are many examples online.  We will limit this notary service to emergency services only at this time.