Important: Information for Traveling to South Africa with Minors

New South African Rules on Travel with Minor Children (PDF 472 KB)

We urge everyone to read the new rules regarding travel to South Africa with minor children, here (PDF 472 KB).  Parents should note that in all circumstances, your child will need his/her long-form (unabridged with biographic information of both parents) birth certificate, as well as a passport to enter South Africa.  These rules do not apply when directly transiting through South Africa.  If only one parent is traveling with a child, this parent will most likely also need an affidavit from the non-traveling parent—notarized within 3 months of entry—and a copy of the other parent’s passport biographic page.  Please read the regulations carefully to determine what applies in your situation.  Although there is no official form, the South African Department of Home Affairs just released this suggested affidavit format (PDF 232 KB), which we encourage you to use.

Please note that Embassy Harare’s Consular Section currently has drop-in hours for notarial services on Mondays through Thursdays from 1:30-3:30.

The South African Department of Home Affairs recently released this guide (PDF 472 KB) for travelers, which is helpful in answering any lingering questions you may have about the regulations.

We encourage you to visit the Country Specific Information on to keep informed of the latest travel regulations not only for South Africa, but any country to which you plan to travel.