Remarks by Mark Troger, PEPFAR Coordinator

Remarks by Mark Troger, PEPFAR Coordinator

Media Awards Competition 2016

November 30, 2016

Golden Mile Motel, Kwekwe

  • J Machaya – Minister Of State for Midlands Province
  • Distinguished guests from the Ministry of Health and Child Care and other representatives of the Government of Zimbabwe
  • Magure Chief Executive – National AIDS Council, and other representatives of NAC
  • Members of the media fraternity
  • Implementing Partners, colleagues and friends:


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us this evening to honor the winners of the Media Awards Competition launched in October 2015.

How time flies! It seems like yesterday when the PEPFAR team decided to launch a media awards competition.  I must confess we were not sure the media fraternity would be interested in the competition.  You guys proved us wrong!  You submitted over a 100 articles.  I am sure you will agree with me that choosing the best article was a difficult task.  So, let me thank you all for taking part in the competition.  Most importantly, let me thank you for writing about HIV and AIDS.

As most of you are already aware, the media awards competition was launched in October 2015 after a series of engagements and capacity strengthening sessions with the Health Journalists Association of Zimbabwe (HeJAZ).  These initiatives have been supported through the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief affectionately known as PEPFAR.

So why did we support the trainings and media awards competition?  PEPFAR is supporting the Ministry of Health and Child Care to spearhead a number of successful HIV and AIDS related initiatives. This collaboration is geared towards attaining an AIDS-free generation in line with the UNAIDS 90-90-90 Fast-Track Strategy.

The media awards competition is meant to promote more coverage of such initiatives. You are the eyes and ears of the communities out there.  Without you, most of these communities would not know or learn about the readily available HIV and AIDS related services.  As you continue to inform society about HIV and AIDS, I urge you to tap into the evidence emerging from the work on the ground. Talk to the real beneficiaries and share their experiences with the wider community.

As the PEPFAR team we believe in partnerships in order to achieve the best results. So let us continue to collaborate in order to address the health needs of the communities. We stand ready to give you information about PEPFAR as and when you require.  As we mark World AIDS Day tomorrow find time to reflect on how far we have come towards attaining an AIDS free generation. We look forward to robust reporting on the successes and challenges of HIV and AIDS interventions.

Thank you.