Emergency Contact Information for U.S. Citizens

In the event of an emergency, citizens should contact the U.S. Embassy Duty Officer (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 04-250-593 from a Zimbabwean mobile phone or +263-4-250-593 when dialing from the United States. Citizens may also send an emergency text message using WhatsApp to +263-772-124-896 from a Zimbabwean or U.S. mobile phone or send an email to our new American Citizen Service email account at ACSHarare@state.gov

Dialing Instructions: The country dialing code for Zimbabwe is 263. The city of Harare city code is 04. Dial 04 from a land line outside of Harare and 04 from a mobile phone within Zimbabwe, but dial the country code and then 4 from the United States.

Important Numbers (the 04 code is used when calling from a Zimbabwean mobile phone or land line outside of Harare):

Routine Contact:  ConsularHarare@state.gov

Emergency Services

General: The safety and security situation in Zimbabwe is unpredictable, and subject to sudden change.  The country suffers from a crumbling infrastructure that makes road travel hazardous, communications unreliable, and emergency medical care problematic.  Telephone, cell, and electrical outages are common.