U.S. Embassy Cafeteria Call for Proposals

The United States Embassy in Harare will be moving to the new embassy compound later in 2018.  The U.S. Embassy announces its intent to receive bids for the operation of cafeteria and drink services.  The U.S. Embassy is looking for the service provider to be able to provide two options: a low-cost Zimbabwean-style meal, and a meal that caters to varied U.S. food interests.  The U.S. Embassy will provide the kitchen and kitchen equipment.  The Embassy is expecting that service providers will be able to: provide staffing that can meet U.S. Embassy Security checks; source food items that would be used in preparations; safely and effectively manage food preparations required to facilitate this food service requirement to the U.S. Embassy Community.

For consideration, your submission must:

  1. Demonstrate experience managing or owning a commercial restaurant which has been continually open for business for at least four years or which was continually open to the public for at least four years within the last six years; or
  2. Demonstrate at least four years of recent experience managing the food service (cafeteria) for a large organization headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe; or
  3. Demonstrate experience currently providing catering services to organizations greater than 200 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  4. Verifiable documentation on ownership and management, and sound financial standing
  5. Be able to provide prospective staffing requirements.
  6. Organizations wishing to respond to this must have a track record of providing: Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, and event catering services.
  7. The respondents will need to provide the U.S. Embassy prospective weekly breakfast and lunch offerings as well as prospective a la carte offerings and their pricing structures.
  8. The organization should provide nutritionally diverse daily options, including true vegetarian options; and the organization should clearly indicate food preparation elements for those who have food allergies and dietary restrictions.
  9. Providers should also be able to deliver: Coffee, Tea, and Drink services.
  10. Finally, given a fictional U.S. Embassy Event scenario provided below, organizations should provide a perspective menu, number of wait staff required, and alcohol selection and pricing.

US Embassy Event Scenario

The US Embassy will be hosting a cultural diplomatic event introducing a high profile guest Jazz musician to the Diplomatic Corps and Foreign Ministry key figures.  This event is expected to have 150 attendees and start at 6:30pm.  The current acting Ambassador would like the event to offer heavy hors d’oeuvres and have at least two features items from the guest’s home state of Louisiana.  The event will have both beer and wine available.

The U.S. Embassy will only consider bids from parties meeting these qualifications.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal you will need to email:  HarareCafeteriaProposal@gmail.com

Organizations will need to direct their responses via electronic mail to United States Embassy.  This tender will close at 11:00 am on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  Submissions received after March 7, 2018 will not be considered.