U.S. Hip Hop Outfit in Zim Tour

Next Level deejay with a kid in Glen Norah on Tuesday
Next Level deejay with a kid in Glen Norah on Tuesday

Next Level is an initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in association with the Department of Music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Through hip hop music and dance, Next Level fosters cross-cultural creative expression and exchange in diverse and underserved communities. Next Level works to promote understanding and conflict resolution in these audiences, and support the professional development of artists in those communities.

Next Level brings people together and fosters greater understanding through the universality of music as a form of creative self-expression. It also builds on the historic legacy of the Department of State’s Jazz Ambassadors, who first traveled the world in the 1950s to connect with people through music.

The Next Level program creates a series of three-week-long exchange programs in India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Senegal, and Zimbabwe.

During the exchange, teams of MCs, DJs, beat makers, and hip-hop dancers will conduct public concerts, interactive performances with local musicians, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and jam sessions with diverse audiences.

Next Level activities focus on promoting conflict resolution and interacting with younger and underserved audiences in areas with little or no access to American hip-hop musicians. Next Level programs also focus on musical entrepreneurship, and the program conducts workshops and discussions on global music business best practices today.

Next Level artist-educators are selected on the basis of artistic quality and commitment to education and cultural engagement through an open competition.

Source: http://www.nextlevel-usa.org/