U.S. Sends 12 School Sports Administrators on Exchange Program

The United States Embassy is sending 12 Zimbabwean school sports administrators to the United States to expose them to high school and youth sporting activities in the United States.

“We are happy to support this initiative which will see Zimbabwean school sports administrators  spending time in the United States,” said Kelly McCaleb, Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the United States Embassy. “We hope that through this group trip, they will get exposure to the realities of high school sport and its role in American society including spending time at a few different types of high schools, with sports teachers and coaches, at practices and experiencing a large high school sports event or two such as a track meet and basketball or soccer game.”

The school sports administrators hail from Harare and Bulawayo. During the two week exchange visit, they will meet sports teachers and coaches in the U.S. They will attend and participate at team practices, but also larger sports competitions such as those referenced above. The visit is designed to be a two-way exchange where sports administrators have the opportunity to share best practices, challenges, and brainstorm together improvements for the sports they represent.

The visit is part of an initiative that began as a partnership between the U.S. Embassy and the School Sports Network (SSN), a start-up digital media outlet, in 2014. The initiative works with cohorts of competitive student athletes across Zimbabwe to enable them to track their performance using mobile electronic timing equipment and publish their performance results officially online to better enable them to attract and secure sports scholarships to U.S. universities.  In 2014-2015, SSN and EducationUSA travelled throughout Zimbabwe to speak with sports directors and coaches, as well as to motivate high school student athletes. It is through these visits that sports directors were identified and invited to participate in this exchange visit.  The U.S. Embassy wishes them a safe journey and we look forward to hearing about their experience when they return.

Visiting Schools Sports Delegation

  1. Julia Chibhabha, Teacher in Charge of Girls Sport – Eaglesvale Senior School
  2. Simba Dangah, Teacher and Sports Coach, Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo
  3. Brendan French, Director of Sport,  Falcon College
  4. Rick Kershaw, Sports Director, Hellenic  Academy
  5. Simeon Lawson, Sports Director – Maranatha Christian High School
  6. Brenda Leipe, Track and Field Coach / Field Hockey Coach / Rowing team supervisor – St George’s College,
  7. Jamie Lewis, TiC of Hockey, Physical Education coach and an English teacher, Dominican Convent High School
  8. Crispen Mhike, Sports Director, Hillcrest college
  9. Catherine Roper, Sports Director, Arundel School
  10. Niall Milner, School House Master and Teacher in Charge of Athletics, St John’s College Harare.
  11. Joanne Swanapoel, Member, Sports Dept., Arundel School, Multi-Sports Coach – 1st Team and under 14 Field & Indoor Hockey Team, Swimming, Rowing Team, Diving, Assisting Athletics
  12. Masi Takaedza, Dominican Convent Primary School – PE and Swimming teacher