United States 2018 Diversity Visa Lottery Begins

Harare, October 5, 2016: The U.S. Embassy in Harare is pleased to announce the start of the 2018 Diversity Visa Lottery Program, also known as the “Green Card” Lottery.

The program opened for online registration on October 4th 2016 and the deadline for applications is November 7th 2016.  The Diversity Visa Lottery allows randomly selected applicants the opportunity to interview for an immigrant visa and become legal permanent residents of the United States.  The program is the “2018” lottery because applicants register in 2016; interview in 2017; and—if selected and approved—receive Green Cards in 2018.

The lottery is open to those born in qualifying countries including Zimbabwe Applicants may only apply once; multiple entries will result in disqualification and they must meet all qualifications for the Diversity Visa Lottery. Applicants should keep the application confirmation number received after applying. Registration if FREE and the only way to apply is online athttp://dvlottery.state.gov

Beginning in early May 2017, applicants may go online to the Entrant Status Check page on http://dvlottery.state.gov to see if they have been selected for the Diversity Visa program.  Those selected will be asked to submit additional information and will be notified when they are selected for an interview.  The in-person interview will be with a U.S. Consular Officer, who will decide if the applicant is eligible to receive the visa based on requested documents including medical and police clearance as well as and payment of visa fees at the Embassy.

Be careful! The Department of State will NOT send notification that an entrant has won the visa lottery and will not ask for money through Western Union. This is fraud – don’t be a victim!  Only use the Entrant Status Check at www.dvlottery.state.gov to learn if you were selected-ZimPAS- October 5, 2016.